Small updates

So made some small updates I hope you guys will enjoy.

-Level 5 BA monster has been nerfed a bit.
-Hospital times drastically reduced for duration of beta phase.

Upcoming updates updated:
-Equipment page will be first, new format required allowing for easier, less confusing access.
-Academy updates, I need you two to pick a bloodline (one both share) for academy testing, you will understand once I've finished a few updates.
-Homes, home and engineer occupation will be next.
-Missions, better missions, less boredom.
-Trading, I'll explain this to you guys a bit later but I have plans.

Posted By: xukusari, 5/3/17 2300

To do list

-Battle Arena (this won't be done anytime soon)

-Possible spouse chat?

-Mailbox update, known glitch where it hits maximum early while being donator.

-Template adjustments, need to make the site look more attractive.

-Equipment page adjustments.

-Backend optimization

-Complete SpellBlade integration

-Add more weapon types

-Finish academy courses

-Finish homes and occupations

-Add Summons

-Add jutsus

List doesn't cover everything, will be updated weekly.

Posted By: xukusari, 4/25/17 1800

Small updates

-Doing some edits to equipment, only two pieces of equipment will be equippable.

-Worked on new bloodline a bit, will have to wait til equipment edits are done.

-Worked on dodge formula, thank you to XsCarX for valuable feedback.

Posted By: xukusari, 4/25/17 1730