New Rules are currently in development!

Offensive Language

Although we do encourage all age groups to play, we must keep in consideration that we have younger players, in keeping with this knowledge all swearing including mask swearing is prohibited on the site, a violation of this rule can lead up to a warning(two max) and a ban of 48 hours,repeat offenders will get an increase in ban time.


Avatars showing any of the following: racism, sexual innuendos, substance abuse or containing swear words, are banned from being uploaded. 24 Hour notice will be given to user to remove such images, failure to do so will lead to a game ban of one day.

Ichirakuu Ramen & world chat

The Ramen stand is a place for people to feel welcome and to socialize, because of this users are expected to show respect to others, to avoid spamming I.e(Over use of Bold, Italic, Underline, Links etc.)
The Ichirakuu Ramen as a part of the site is judged under these rules,failure to comply can lead to a baning from tavern.


Harassment, untastefully trolling, or otherwise pestering a user is not allowed. Bans will be issued if valid proof is present.


When ever a staff member issues a ban it is final, in cases that you have been wrongfully banned contact the person in charge.
If you have a problem with a staff member please contact the following: Moderator problems are handled by Head Moderators, Head Moderators are handled by Administrators.
If a user feels he/she has been wrongfully banned, they must take it up with the Moderator that issued the warning.
Moderator, Head Moderator, Administrators: Please do not ask to become one, if we wanted you, you would not be asking.

Responsibility Of User

Sharing of accounts are forbidden by the staff, also falling under this rule are selling or trading accounts.
You are allowed to have two accounts in this game, anymore seen and all accounts out side of the two will be banned.

Hacking, Glitching, Botting

Hacking:User that attempt or found hacking will immediately ip-banned from the game along with charges press against them(See Terms Of Service about hacking).
Glitching:Users found abusing a glitch will be banned from the game, the length of the ban will depend on the severity of the glitch. Along with the ban, you will lose of your stats.
Botting: Botting the game is also forbidden, when found botting you will be banned from a minimum of one week to a permanent ban.